06 November 2013 | By: Brenda Leyndyke

The Book of Me: Trick or Treat?

Linda and I, Halloween about 1960

Costumes, candy and fun describe the Halloween of my childhood years.  I remember celebrating Halloween as a child by going trick or treating in costumes.  I wasn't very creative when it came to thinking up costumes.  I remember being a monster, Casper the Ghost, Felix the Cat, a hobo, and a 50's bobby socker.

My sister, Linda, and I would go out house to house and have fun collecting candy.  We would get home and pour our goodies out on the living room floor to see what we got.  I remember candy corn, wax lips, wax pop bottles, pixie sticks, candy cigarettes, suckers and mary jane candy.  We would trade anything we didn't like with each other.

Eventually, I was old enough to go with friends, trick or treating.  I remember one year I was walking up the steps to a house and a boy was walking down the steps.  He grabbed a handful of candy right out of my candy bag.  I was shocked.  How rude!

Other Halloween activities were held at school.  We would bring our costumes to school and have a parade.  This parade would go through the downtown area of my small town, Deckerville, Michigan.  The parade was followed by a party with lots of goodies.

It was treats all the way for me.  I don't ever remember doing tricks when I was celebrating Halloween.

The Book of Me, Written by You is a new blog prompt series created by Julie Goucher at Anglers Rest blog.  Geneabloggers is adding support and encouragement to this 15 month blogging activity.  I write freely about the stories that bring my ancestors to life and look forward to exploring my life through writing.  I hope you will join me as I journey to my past.

Prompt 9 was Halloween.


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