06 November 2013 | By: Brenda Leyndyke

The Book of Me: Unexplained Memories

My husband thinks I have a photographic memory.  He may be right.  I have always had a good memory and if he asks me where something is in the house I can visualize it on a shelf or in a cabinet.  If we go somewhere together, I am better with finding places as I remember landmarks and such.  I was a good student in school and I think it was because of my memory.  I didn't have any trouble memorizing the different things I had to for school.

Once, my thyroid medicine was prescribed wrong and I was having memory problems.  My son, tried to get away with something and I said, I have my memory back, you are not getting away with that.  So, for a short period of time, I think my family was happy for my lack of memory.

I started thinking of some of my childhood memories and could not come up with any unexplained ones.  Any time I want to know more about my childhood I go to my mom.  She is 83 years old and her memory is still very good.  She has answered countless questions and helped me piece together my youth.

The Book of Me, Written by You is a new blog prompt series created by Julie Goucher at Anglers Rest blog.  Geneabloggers is adding support and encouragement to this 15 month blogging activity.  I write freely about the stories that bring my ancestors to life and look forward to exploring my life through writing.  I hope you will join me as I journey to my past.

Prompt 10 was to describe unexplained memories.


Anonymous said...

I wish I had such a good memory! This sounds like a good challenge - I'm heading over to Anglers Rest now :)

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