06 November 2013 | By: Brenda Leyndyke

The Book of Me: Love is Timeless

Our Wedding Day
21 March 1981
St. John's Lutheran Church, Palms, Michigan

Although, I have never made a time capsule, the thought of creating one intrigues me.  If I were to put together a time capsule, I would do a "Love is Timeless" one.  It would be in honor of my love for, and life with, my husband, Kirk.  I would like for it to be opened on 21 March 2031, the day of our 50th Wedding Anniversary, in front of family and friends.

The time capsule would be stored in an archival quality box in my closet.  It would hold all the treasures of our marriage and life together.  Here is a sample of what I would include:

  • A letter explaining the meaning of the time capsule and how it was created.
  • The match box from the restaurant where we had our first date, The Windjammer in Lexington, Michigan.
  • The front page of a newspaper from our wedding date.  
  • Our wedding invitation and wedding pictures.  
  • Receipts, pictures, and post cards from our honeymoon in Toronto, Canada.
  • Pictures of the homes we lived in throughout our marriage.
  • Our first mortgage papers, from the home on Maple Street in Deckerville, Michigan.
  • Mementos that were saved from the birth of our children, Kirsten and Travis.
  • Other papers, pictures, etc. throughout the years together.
  • Lastly, I would include a love letter written to my husband.
I want the time capsule to show how important the love of family is.  It started with two people falling in love and creating a life together that lasted through the years.  I want to show that Love is Timeless.

The Book of Me, Written by You is a new blog prompt series created by Julie Goucher at Anglers Rest blog.  Geneabloggers is adding support and encouragement to this 15 month blogging activity.  I write freely about the stories that bring my ancestors to life and look forward to exploring my life through writing.  I hope you will join me as I journey to my past.

The eighth prompt is Time Capsule.  


Cassmob (Pauleen) said...

What a beautiful post and an innovative take on the prompt. I like the idea of the 50th anniversary as the event.

Brenda L. said...

Thank you Pauleen. I don't know how I missed seeing your comment until now.

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